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  • Inventory-2 Inventory Database
  • POS-1 Invoicing and Point of Sale
  • Blog-2 Branded, Exportable Business Documents
  • Writing CRM (Contacts)
  • Sales & Marketing-1 Sales & Marketing Tools

Gallery Operations

Everything you need to run a modern art gallery: inventory, staff permissions, exhibitions and more.


Collector Engagement

Stay connected with our robust CRM database, capturing each collector touch point, interest & purchase history.


Sales & Marketing

Sell more with branded email campaigns, customizable collateral, sales pipeline tools, and invoicing.


Integrated Website

Drag-and-drop websites designed just for art galleries. No coding, no developers, no double data entry.



See the whole picture: historical sales performance, staff commissions, taxes, lead origin, top selling artists, and more


Artist Management

Artist relationships are all in the details... Consignment management, connected artist accounts and more...

Gallery Operations

Comprehensive business software with everything you need to run an art gallery.

  • Create rich inventory records for original artworks, editions, merchandise and services with multiple photos, price, description, cost information, location, etc.
  • Ideal for small to large teams, with individual staff permissions, event logging, history tracking
  • Manage Exhibitions with press announcements, included inventory, show dates and installation photos, easily published to integrated websites or the ArtCloud Marketplace
  • Create, edit, save and share custom inventory lists for client proposals, exhibitions, or special projects with Quicklists
  • Multiple locations with individual branding, contact information and tax rates

Client Engagement

Effortlessly manage your relationship with collectors.

  • Email Integration Google/Office 365 for personal touch emails
  • Automated linking artists interests
  • Robust contact records store contact information and interests, purchase history, and follow up opportunities.
  • Catalogue your clients’ interests by artist, medium, and more
  • Set reminders and track interactions over time, including message deliverability and open rates
  • Purchase history automatically logged for future reference
  • Quickly send clients information about new work from their favorite artists

Sales & Marketing

A full suite of marketing and sales tools built in.

  • Share artwork details easily with customized templates for Tear Sheets, Price Lists, Certificates of Authenticity, Wall Tags and more
  • Easily create custom designed Email Campaigns, for targeted audience segments, directly from your ArtCloud Manager database of inventory, images and details - without double entry
  • Capture every Opportunity with sales pipeline tracking, To-Do’s to schedule follow ups and Custom Offers
  • Quickly respond to inquiries in seconds with auto-populated Email Templates 
  • Keep track of items on hold, on approval and purchased with our full point of sale suite.
Campaigns in ArtCloud


Reporting for historical sales performance, staff commissions, taxes, collectors, lead origins, top selling artists and more.

  • Access real-time reports on sales, outstanding payments, taxes, items on approval and more
  • Effortlessly run consignment reports weekly, monthly or for any custom period
  • View historical sales by staff member with associated sales commissions due. Keep tabs on top selling artists and highest value collectors
  • Easily export data to spreadsheet, PDF or Quickbooks formats and customize the look and feel of your documents

Integrated Websites

Drag-and-drop websites designed just for art galleries that sync with your database. No coding, no developers, no double data entry.

  • Beautiful, engaging, customizable websites 
  • Publish inventory instantly  — updates as availability status changes
  • Increase collector engagement with Follow Artist capability, Virtual Install, inventory filtering options and more
  • Dynamic blog, embedded video and rich, linked media content 
  • Built in e-commerce with no added fees

Artist Management

Artist relationships are all about the details. With consignment management, reporting and connected artist accounts, ArtCloud handles the details so you can focus on finding and retaining the best stable of artists.

  • Save time on data entry by inviting your artists to submit artwork records directly for review and acceptance into inventory
  • Send integrated consignment contracts and artwork returns
  • Define consignment percentages and terms for each artist and/or work
  • Track consignment payments due and paid, calculated automatically from invoice history
  • Share customizable reports with your artists summarizing inventory, sales & tax, engaged collectors, and more

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