Unmatched CRM

Know everything about your clients.

ArtCloud's CRM features provide you with unparalleled visibility into your clients' preferences, interests, and purchasing behaviors.

Experience a sophisticated and comprehensive view of your clientele, enabling you to make informed and strategic decisions, foster personalized engagements, and optimize your sales strategies with unrivaled precision.


Artist Interest

Track which artists your clients like automatically as the artist interest field is populated from website inquiries.

From paintings to video work, you can know exactly what your customers have bought, what they are currently interested in, and much more.

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Activity Stream

Effortlessly peruse a consolidated and meticulously organized stream of all recent interactions with your clients, surfacing a wide range of activities, such as website inquiries, recent emails, and past purchases.

A comprehensive and holistic overview of your client interactions, ultimately enhancing your ability to make data-driven decisions and deliver superior customer experiences.

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