In 2004, Alex West and friends founded a nonprofit arts organization in Atlanta, GA, aiming to inspire positive social change. Their initial success opened doors for them in the art world, propelling West into the industry. Despite studying engineering, West developed a deep passion for the arts, marrying a gallerist and recognizing the need for better gallery software.

He embarked on building ArtCloud as a side project, gradually expanding its functionality and attracting outside capital. In the past 5 years, ArtCloud has added more features than we can count and hundreds of new, exciting customers.

ArtCloud supports not only fine art and the complete spectrum of art galleries, but also jewelry retailers and boutique owners.

Today, ArtCloud is a rapidly growing art and design management platform, driven by customer feedback and led by a dedicated team.


Our original logo ideas, and our first post to Facebook in 2012.


  • Alex

    Alex West

    Chief Executive Officer


  • Andrew
    Andrew Smith
    Chief Technology Officer
  • Jess
    Jess Young
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Ann
    Ann Sobil
    Chief Revenue Officer
  • Nick

    Nick Hudson

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Megan
    Megan Schaeffer
    Creative Director, Brand Marketing
  • Kat
    Kat Colón
    Customer Success Manager
  • Emily
    Emily Ezell
    Customer Communications Specialist
  • Laura

    Laura Mychal

    Account Executive
  • Liz
    Liz Peacock
    Account Executive
  • Claire-1
    Claire Thomas
    Sales Development Representative 
  • Reese
    Reese Passanante
    Executive Assistant



Transparent and true,

Humble communication,

Empowered, we grew.



We prioritize humility in our interactions with customers, our team members, and our communities, fostering a culture of service and collaboration.


We encourage a sense of humor to ignite our creativity, keep our challenges in check, and foster a sense of unity among our team.

Transparency & Trust

We believe solutions emerge under the light of transparency. We see trust as a two-way street, where we assume positive intent and act with integrity.


We embrace teamwork as our conduit to innovation, where each member’s unique skills and perspectives drive us forward together.g, follow-up reminders, and client management tools


We communicate honestly and often and actively listen. Efficient communication leads to company growth.


We believe everyone is seeking a sense of agency. At ArtCloud, we empower our customers and teammates to be the best version of themselves.

All in one sales and marketing
platform for 

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