Easy View Dashboard

The ArtCloud Dashboard is your central hub for comprehensive insights.

It is equipped with smart recommendations and designed to provide a panoramic view of your business activities, among other features.

Once you've logged in, the Dashboard greets you with a display of your tasks, options for emailing about new arrivals, the AI sales assistant, and additional features.

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Email Reminders

Whether managing multiple projects or coordinating with a team, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. ArtCloud simplifies this with a seamless platform that brings clarity and order to your schedule. Our innovative platform provides a neatly organized email summarizing tasks, meetings, and deadlines for you and your staff.

This tailored email cuts through the clutter, helping you catch up on essential tasks without sifting through multiple calendars and notes. Let ArtCloud transform your time management, making every day more productive and less stressful.


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